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Are you small-to- large, local-to- multinational business, if you are looking for IT service partner to support you? We are small but flexible team can support you to meet your requirement. We offer broad range of IT services from technical support-till- application development.

IT Services

IT Support Outsourcing 
IT Asset Management and support 
Mobile Devices Management Servcies

Application Service

Business Application 
Mobile Application 

IT Services


We provide IT services by our well-trained and technical expertise to enable organizations in the creation,

management and optimization of or access to information and business processes.

Our services are mainly outsourcing of business process outsourcing (BPO), applications outsourcing (AO) and IT Support outsourcing,

IT Asset Management and Support and Devices Management Services.

IT Support Outsourcing

We provide on-site IT support specialists to resolve your IT problem and requests as well as apply IT best practice to comply with company policy. With the experiences and well-trained IT specialists, your business will run smoothly. We also provide service performance tracking and report tools to measure our service quality base on the SLAs (Service Level Agreement).

IT Support Services are including:

– IT Incidents / Requests support

– Check and update Security and Software patch

– Upgrade Windows, MS Office, Software

– Desktop/Laptop Health Check: Virus check and Cleansing, Disk cleansing & defragmented

– 5S IT equipment’s i.e. Clean Desktop/Laptop/Printer, Cabling Lan’s wire at workstation

– Unauthorized / Illegal software check and report

– New office set up / Relocation

IT Asset Management and Support

We provide IT asset management service for enterprises through the life cycle from start till
the end to enhance your business provisioning is a part of ITSM, helping companies obtain the accurate information and keep track of all IT equipment to optimize their performance and minimize risk and expenditure over the lifecycle of IT assets.

IT Asset Management services are including:

– Hardware Asset Management and Inventory Reports

– Software Asset Management/Software License Management

– Purchase and Contract Management

– Warehouse and logistic support

Mobile Device Management Services

There are many devices (enterprise-owned or employee-owned) currently allow to access to enterprise application, data and network. It is necessary to control access and safeguard enterprise data. If a any device is missing and it contains stored confidential data and/or it is able to access private enterprise networks, ownership doesn’t matter. The risk is the same whether who is owned it.

We will provide you support of managing devices using your own solution or our partner solution.

Application Service


Business Application

In the term of competition business information technology is the key strategy it’s can be bring short time , available and integrity data , and make the restrict of company

Thailand 4.0 mention to success key of business , Information data is a part of all group , we provide solution and develop Business application it can be apply to business for reduce cost , we perform the solution along with business environment and then we can provide analysis report

Mobile Application

In the term of competition business information technology is the strategy key it’s can be bring short time mobile device is a part of the body it make something to easy

Thailand 4.0 mention to “ Information Technology “ Information Data is a major key it’s be better if information with data can spend to user via mobile channel we can provide the solution and develop mobile application for support your business including report of the application